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What is Reports Vault?

Reports Vault is a place, where you can store any number of reports, group them by attacker, defender or village; you can quickly check the number of units that are inside/outside of a given village and check the wall status, thus you can plan your next moves with greater accuracy and consideration. You can hide certain data from the reports to protect sensitive data from undesirable access. Moreover daily losses and units killed are presented in both table and graph.

Reports Vault provides utility script called Reports Vault Script. It allows for direct addition of reports from the game into given Vault, without any copy-paste. The script has been accepted by number of versions, including .net.

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How does Reports Vault work?

Reports Vault does not require registration. Authorisation of users is provided by link leading to given Vault. User, creating a Vault, gains access to editing vault settings and 2 links leading to it. These links are: an admin link (for trusted people only who won't cause any damages), and a link for common users. Their access will be limited.

It is recommended to save or add to favourites link for administrators, because its recovery won't be possible (as you know registration is not needed, which is related with lack of straightforward way of assigning Vaults to the user). However if you are registered user, you can check your Vaults in your Dashboard.

A link for typical users can be pasted on tribal forum without any concerns. An admin link should be secured, and acces limited only to trusted people.

Creating new Reports Vault

Give title:
and description:
and world:

Assign players to the Vault. You can later sort reports by them.
Reports concerning villages of other players will be stored in separate place.
Refresh the list of players to check, whether given player exists. Confirmed players will be only existing players. After confirmation all data is editable except of world.


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