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Hola mundo!

13-11-2012 16:00 | Tacyt
First and foremost, I don't speak spanish, so forgive me that I will write in english.

Welcome to's spanish server.
All worlds have been added to the database, and the data is being collected.

I assume, that many of you were using ours Reports Converter, but you are not aware of what the whole site can offer to you. If that is the case, take part in our Tour, or just randomly check each link :-)
Read also Benefits of registration.

The list of most popular tools you can find to the right of that news. We especially recommend to you Reports Vault, highly rated tool for storing and managing reports by group of people/tribe.

As you may have noticed, the whole site is in english. If you would like to participate in its translation, contact me.

Enjoy your stay and spread the word!
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