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Players' Growth Tracking System

Functionality available only for registered and logged users.

Aim of its creation was to simplificate tracking the growth and develop of whole tribes and individual players. It enables You to choose any number of observed players and to precisely verify increase their number of points.

It is very useful when estimating activity of Your tribemates same as enemies.

First step is to Create a new list of tracked players. You need to choose world and give the list a name and a short, orientational description.

Then You gain access to it. Always You can edit it or even delete.

Adding players

There are two methods of adding players to the list:

  • Individual
  • Collectively
Individual method of adding players

Submiting players happens by filling the field Login.
Relatively You can give the current number of points.

If You leave the field points empty, current number of points will be loaded there (as initial points).

Adding group of players

To add many players at once You need to copy their list directly from the game, as shown below:

Any alteration of input data is not needed. All sitters and descriptions are automatically removed.

If everything is correct, for given question answer affirmatively by choosing Yes. The list is ready.

Removing players

Removing players happens by trivial marking players to delete and confirming Your decision.

Editing points

For each player there is a possibility to edit its points - both initial and current. Handling with a form is very intuitive.

Reset points and dates

If You decide, that the initial data (so data of players tracking start) is too distant from present, but players from the list are still interesting to You, then You can choose an option Reset points and dates. It will cause refreshing the initial points (current points from our database will be loaded) and setting the initial data to the time of last update of our database.

About points

Do not be suprised, that after adding some players and refreshing the list from presented data, results, that each player has negative growth (the Difference is below zero). It is connected with data topicality given by Tribal Wars, and frequency of their updating. Points given by You are current points, and our points are their state from before few mminutes/hours. More about updating.

We suggest to try and test all available options - then everything will become clear.