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Village Claim System

Going through, editing and removing topics related to village claims is very tiring, strenuous and time-consuming.
It is even more strenuous, when the tribe uses external forum or claims concerns more number of tribes (eg. main tribe and its academy, tribes connected with very close alliance, sister tribes).

Reaching this issue out we introduce a Claim groups.

Claim group is a collection of users allowed to make claims. When claiming a village user receives village information together with, if they happened, previous claims (player and date of a claim) made by other members of his group.

First step is to create a group.

Creating a group

It happens by choosing a world, giving a group title and short description.
User, who creates a group, becomes automatically its admin, and gains access to all claims made inside his group.

A group admin is reponsible for adding users to the group.When adding users, admin types users nicknames that they use here, not in Tribal Wars. Hence having an account is required.

Such solution is necessary to assure tolerable security level. If an admin will carefully verify players added to the group, there wont be any threat of leak of confidenital information.

Adding users

To add a user admin has to choose in the right menu View or Edit.

Then, just as in tracking players, he has to choose between individual and collective method of adding players.

Adding group of players is sensible only, when player logins are identical here and in the game.Then by copying the list of players as shown here You can insert many users at once.
If on a copied list there are players, whos logins do not meet this requirement, then thy will be omitted (unless someone else has a nickname that appears on the list - then he will gain an access to the group. Thats why admin has to be very carefull when adding group users, and after each massive addition should verify group members.).

Claiming villages

Please follow short information contained close to claim form.
After typing the coordinates remove the focus from the form (by clicking outside of it) to receive data about the village and a chance to claim it.

After a while appears a table with information about a village and previous claims.
Using a Claim button will cause adding a claim to You.

Below You can find list of villages claimed by You. Each claim You can delete (admins also can do that).

Always there is a possibility of changing a group title/description - just use edit group option.

Admins have some more functionalities - such as possibility to export all claims into BB-Codes, choosing visibility of claims to other group members, adding new group administrators and more.

In future new functionalities and extensions will be added.