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My Thanks

So first up I have a few people to thank. In no specific order here they are:


Is the owner of www.tribalwarsmap.com (an excellent tool) and is the person who has provided me with access to his databases and the tw information in them


Is the writer of the 2 fake scripts that are on this site. I have no idea how to create my own so I asked to be able to use his and thankfully he said yes.


Was the one who explained how to do the database end of the site. If it weren't for him this site would not be here. If you would like to visi him he has a site at www.twclaimer.com


There were a lot of things i had no idea how to do so I searched for a forum and stumbled on www.phpfreaks.com where I was able to learn from the best. They especially helped me with changing the load time from like 8+ seconds on a computer to around 1 second which is a big difference lol

Ok so you didn't come to this page to learn about who I want to thank but wanted to learn about how you can thank me (sp@rky13). Well here yah go:
Here are a few things you can do:
Tell others about the fake script generator
Donate me premium points. Sounds odd as it doesn't sound like it would help the site but this is the truth, whilst I continue to play tw I need pp so if you donate pp then it saves me from having to beg borrow and steal to get it.
Donate me money with paypal. This money will be used for any future hosting upgrades. Currently i am lucky enough to be using some free hosting but that won't last forever. If you would like to donate please use the contact form below.

If you would like to contact me go here