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Hello developer!

We would like to help everyone having issues with finding a cheap/free hosting for his Tribal Wars scripts.
We are aware how much space is required for database and that frequent database updates are not something hosting admins like at most.

So if you are a developer and have a script related to the game (PHP, JS), which for some reason is not available for public use, then wait few seconds and read few more lines.

Mytwstats offers you help :)

We can give you a subdomain, access to our database and to other resources and site functionalities (like reports converter parser etc.), and much more, so you can install, develop and publish your web applications with us. Also you will receive access to our Admins forum.

All you need to do is to have idea, some skills and perseverance. Just use the following Contact Form and describe in few sentences yourself, your project and your requirements. Remember to leave your email. We will reply in 1-2 days.

Of course if you are full of enthusiasm to help us in development, and you think, that your skills may be useful for us, also fill the form.

See you on admins forum!

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